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The core of the firm consists of superior valuation, cost consulting, project management and tax practices with decades of experience behind them. In recent years, best-in-class companies have joined Altus Group, adding new value in related fields and expanding our reach worldwide. Our global position provides opportunities to broaden expertise and deliver comprehensive service offerings to firms looking for consistency and independent proficiencies. With local insight, we are globally equipped to drive client projects forward.

Independent Valuation Management

Assessing the independence, professional qualifications & competence as well as managing the appointment process of external appraisers

Coordinating the valuation information flow between property managers, asset managers & external appraisers (via a dedicated & secured IT platform)

Performing independent valuation reviews, discussing review findings with the external appraisers and managing valuation queries arising from different stakeholders (investors, auditors, banks, local regulators etc.)

The entire process is facilitated by a state of the art web based platform increasing efficiency,transparency & documentation requirements

Risk Management

Definition of key risks and risk appetite limits

Monitoring the performance of the underlying asset/portfolio against defined risk limits

Production of visual risk assessment dashboards showing the current risk profile and identifying potential gaps with the defined risk limits


Portfolio Performance

Real Estate market data comparables covering more than 6,000 assets in the US and a fast growing coverage of Pan-European Real Estate market data

Attribution and benchmark analysis performance for any portfolio of real estate assets (from core to opportunistic)

Portfolio performance dashboards showing the current position of the assets/portfolio compared to the benchmark



You need the best tools to maximize your understanding of the performance and profitability of your single property or portfolio. Our software solutions are the industry standard and are redefining the industry with products that provide consistency, transparency, and efficiency into the financial and operational processes that drive the global commercial real estate market.

Altus Group is the first company to be globally regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (“RICS”), the world’s leading qualification for professional standards in land, property and construction, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in our industry.