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Client Data Policy

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Altus Group Limited (“Altus Group”) considers client data provided to Altus Group under an Engagement Agreement ("Client Data") to be the confidential information of the client that provides such data ("Client"). Altus Group will take appropriate precautions to ensure the privacy of Client Data and will disclose Client Data only to:

  • the individual designated by the Client as the Client Administrator and individuals which the Client Administrator in turn authorizes;
  • the producer identified in Client Data as party to the Engagement Agreement;
  • real estate, industry or government organization(s), but only as required to fulfill the reporting obligations of Client, which the organization is entitled to require under applicable legislation.   

Altus Group will otherwise use Client Data:

  1. on an aggregated basis together with other similar data from other Altus Group clients so that the resulting “Statistical Data” is anonymous as to source;
  2. in a manner in which the details and source of the information is not revealed – “Generic Data”; or
  3. where the Client Data is further processed and analyzed utilizing Altus Group methodology and other Altus Group inputs to generate “Analyzed Data” that protects the specific underlying subject property Client Data.

Altus Group may disclose Statistical Data, Generic Data and Analyzed Data to any Altus Group Clients.