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ARGUS Developer

More professional real estate developers trust their development projections and analyses to ARGUS Developer than any other real estate software solution. Used by thousands of owners, commercial developers, home builders, land developers, agents and financial institutions around the world, ARGUS Developer combines feasibility with sensitivity analysis and investment structures into one customizable bundle. Developers can customize as needed with our Project, Structured Finance and Budget modules to forecast and track cash flows, maximize profitability and provide consistent and transparent reports for investors.

Key Benefits

Saves time and money

ARGUS Developer users save 75% of the time it normally takes to create an analysis by building spreadsheets. By reducing risk and freeing resources within your organization, Developer helps you focus on your core business.

Increased flexibility and details

With Developer, users can model any property development, create cash flow models, conduct a sensitivity analysis and structure complex financing sources in order to gain a complete understanding of the risks and returns for precise deal structuring.

Provides consistency and reduces errors

Combining feasibility with sensitivity analysis and a powerful discounted cash flow; Developer is a consistent platform for analysis and communication without the inherent problems that occur in spreadsheets.

Provides visibility and optimizes teamwork

Users have an executive level view of single and multi-phased projects, which allows them visibility into all the details of the development project. All participants are on the same page and adjustments can be made instantly.

Core Features

Development Projects

  • Easy to use interface allows for the modeling of commercial, retail, residential and operated-asset development projects.
  • Flexible development structures with costs and receipts linked to development stages which are linked to each phase.
  • Discounted cash flow reports with calculated IRR and NPV with and without financing.
  • Sensitivity analysis fluctuation up to six different models simultaneously with up to 15 step changes in each variable.
  • Comprehensive reports and dynamic KPI dashboards provide all the analytics and visibility needed into any project. Easily export to MS Excel for presentation or analysis.

Structured Financing

  • Provide for unlimited number of debt and equity financing structures down to individual phase levels.
  • Before and after tax preferred and waterfall returns including: IRR “look back”, promote and residual percentage waterfalls.
  • Advanced goal seek functions to determine the land purchase price for the targeted returns.

Snapshot (Development Budget and Reforecasting)

  • Track spending and compare them to the initial project budget.
  • Reforecast for cash flows that may be required in the future.
  • Combine cash flows from multiple projects to track.
  • Benchmark projects by setting up user defined comparisons.