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Altus Group was formed, originally in 2005 as an income trust, to bring together the largest, best in class, independent commercial real estate consultants to be a national service provider. Independent advice, along with having the industry's leading talent and base of expertise, was and continues to be - a core foundation of the company.

With over 60 years of market experience and targeted industry exposure, Altus Group’s professionals are considered the foremost authorities in their field. In recent years, best-in-class companies, including All West Surveys (Western Canada), Edwin Hill (U.K.), Page Kirkland (Asia-Pacific) and ARGUS Software (U.S.), have joined Altus Group, adding new value in related fields – and expanding our reach worldwide. Our global position provides opportunities to broaden expertise.

Our team has grown from roughly 400 professionals in Canada to over 2,500 employees worldwide.

Originally three Business Units in professional advisory services, today, with well over 40 acquisitions under our belt, we have five Business Units that include software and data solutions.

We serve the global commercial real estate market with a network of more than 75 offices with operations in all major markets in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.